The latest Specialized Concept Store in The Netherlands

We want you to really feel your bike. The brakes, you want to squeeze them. And the saddle, you want to feel the comfort with the tip of your finger. You want to lift the bike, so that you can feel how she weighs. In our store you really will become one with your bike. That's something that you can't experience on the internet or from the catalogue. Thats why we have started the latest Specialized Concept Store in Assen in The Netherlands. To give you the best Specialized Experience there is. A place where you can see all the latest models, wich you can touch and feel. Let them convince you.

Drop by our shop some day and find the bike dat is destined for you. It's already shining in our showroom. We believe that everbody deserves the best bike there is. And we want to help you find it with our knowlegde en experience. And if you want, we can fit your new bike exactly to your body with our unique Body Geometry Fit concept. Check out our website for more information.

I am Specialized. We love bikes. Riding them, making them, getting other people on them.