Velo City

At Velo-City, we ride a lot ! We ride all segments and we aim to continuously develop an one-of-a-kind bike shop by bikers for bikers. The shop has an new and unique design and interior which emphasizes on inspiring the visitor to go out there and ride their bike.

Our workshop has specified menus for the convenience of the customer, and together with our mechanics, which have over 50 years of experience; we make sure your bike is in top shape all year.

We are open all year around, and in addition to offering the best products on the market and thorough personal service, we serve coffee, organize shop-rides, tech-courses and guest speakers to inspire the customer further.

All bodies are asymmetric, while all bikes and equipment are symmetric.
Through our Body Geometry Fit service, we make sure to adapt your bike and equipment to your body so that you ride symmetrically, avoid injuries and ride longer comfortably.

Velo City is the first destination on your bike ride experience. It is all about the experience.

You are welcome!