Tel Aviv
Specialized Concept Store

The Specialized Concept store in Tel-Aviv was founded in 2011 and counts to the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It covers 1000 square meters divided into three floors packed with innovations, bicycles, associated equipment and services for cyclists - based on advanced products of Specialized under a "One Stop Bike Shop" concept..

The customer can choose depending on his/her needs...
Shopping center: spanning two floors, with a huge variety of mountain bike and a road bikes, associated equipment and bike rider, gear, clothing and footwear.
Content center for riding adventure lectures of – from our affiliates in bike trips companies sharing tips and experience from their global Cyclo-trips guidance
Central workshop: our authorized dealer service offers the most professional tech support for all types of bikes and specialty repair for Fox/Specialized products.
Body Geometry studio: for riders who wish to match their bike to their body characteristics upon the Specialized Body Geometry Plan.
Weight Winnies: The Store also offers dietary supplements position, and consulting services of a
dietician (by prior appointment schedule).