In order to start from the beginning we have to go back to 2004 when we first met Christoph Sauser. It was in Les Getz, MTB World Championship. We invited him to visit Estonia and in 2005 he and Benno Willeit visited Tallinn. Since then we have been in contact and in 2010 he visited Estonia for the second time. For us it was of course a very big thing if such a top-class rider visits our country. During his second visit he also did two races in Estonia - one in cross-country and the other in marathon format. Sure Christoph won them both… :) And then it was, after the second race we sat around the table, eat some soup and chat when he once said that… You should open a Specialized Concept Store in Estonia…. It was true that at that time some shops sold some Specialized products but there was no proper dealer for Specialized in Estonia. So, thanks Susi for the idea :)

… and the rest is history. We (Sulev Lipp and Erki Kukk) have been in cycling for a long time. Sulev more in organizing events and pro cycling club and Erki riding in professional level and also selling bikes and doing mechanics. Sure we would like to thank Specialized for the great support and help in creating a concept store.